A grammar of the Kuvi language, with copious examples by Frederick Volkomor Paul Schulze

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By Frederick Volkomor Paul Schulze

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I 4d When the house that house there A few ti is is far av\^ay, e illu used. of the principal postpositions are as follows out of e tajuti with ta m na kilia loni of) that place me liomniu hillaanaha hazzesi he went without money e pedata himborka in the lekko — evasi na tulle zolatesi he spoke with hillaanaha without : watesi he came from (out tulle muhe, upon box are clothes mannu 50 nokita in front of punga mannu e badi nokita front in of the school are flowers. daju behind na daju watesi he came behind me zezo behind na zezo watesi he came after me attala behind the na other side illu attala behind my house sombara attala manglara wane after like accord- lehe Monday comes Tuesday.

Is formed by adding ti to the root of the noun, or to the nominative. Thus— Nom. mranu Gen. tree mranuti u^n mranuti kommo dikhee I Nom. broke a branch of the naju Nom. ^^^^. izzoti Gen. izzoti the door of the house dara The Dative natuti the people of the village house illu ^^^^ Gen. village natuti manei tree. is formed by adding ki or taki to Tne noun. izzotaki take it epmu to the house Sannuki hommu we gave money e to hittomi, or Sannutaki Saunu. ^ 38 The Dative is sometimes used in Kiivi, where in English other cases are used.

39 kokaderi O akke maskaderi wadu ballo b. By boys! daughters corae. adding tadi or taderi. go, you bad one lage'etadi halla nehitaderi wadu come, you good ones In both cases lage'edi or nehideri c. By devudadi God mrienadi son God, you are a By still ! anvother meaning, as lengthening the friend By adding tone final : you are a vowel. friend tone ! ho- toneho friend mamaho O Remark. son. tone e. too. adding adi- This form has d. may be used uncle O be used, as di or deri is : ! — The termination formed by di generally friend you or deri cannot the real meaning of are.

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