A New Model for Health and Disease by George Vithoulkas

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By George Vithoulkas

. 1991 fresh brilliant reproduction

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New York: Wiley, 1978 49. McKEOWN T: The Role of Medicine: Dream, Mirage or Nemesis? , 1979 50. KNOWLES JH: Doing Better and Feeling Worse. New York: Norton, 1977 51. SIMMONS H: An overview of public policy and infectious diseases. Ann Inter Med 1978; (Part 2): 821-825 52. DUBOS RJ: So Human an Animal. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1968 53. DREWS J: Historische und Zukuenftige Perspectiven in der Pharmazeutischen Forschung. Triangel-Sandoz, 22 (1983) s. 189 Chapter 4 THE ENERGY COMPLEX OF THE HUMAN BODY 1.

Figure 8: The three planes of being: Mental, Emotional and Physical. 3. A hierarchical relationship exists among the three planes It appears that the organism, by some intricate mechanism, maintains a hierarchy of all three levels. The most important plane for the organism is the mentalspiritual plane, which is the most central as well. A disturbance on this level is going to be felt acutely by the whole organism. Destruction of this level, the likes of which is witnessed during a severe mental disorder, takes away everything that is most important and precious to the individual, that which distinguishes him from the animals.

A comparison of death rates attributed to suicide (per 100,000 of the standard population) can give us an impression of the comparative imbalance between developed and developing countries on the emotional-psychic level. 20 21 22 Nobody has so far remarked on the significant discrepancy between the high incidence of suicide (emotional disturbances) in the developed and Communist bloc countries (in spite of nationwide health coverage) and the low incidence in developing countries that have poor health coverage from the perspective of "established" medicine.

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