ABC en emergencias by Alberto J. Machado

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By Alberto J. Machado

ABC en emergencias fue pensado como una herramienta de trabajo. Un ayuda memoria, o una guía rápida acerca de cómo enfrentamos, y que puntos relevantes no dejar de considerar, en distintas situaciones frecuentes en Emergencias.

Emergencias es los angeles especialidad médica que estudia los hechos y situaciones patológicas de aparición súbita que ponen en riesgo o comprometen l. a. salud.

En Emergencias el tiempo nos corre, y el momento en que tomamos diferentes conductas, durante los angeles evolución del paciente, inftuye directamente en el pronóstico.

En ninguna otra especialidad, se pone en juego l. a. capacidad de decisión tiempo dependiente.

La acción organizada y sistematizada frente a una emergencia, es l. a. que redundará en mayores beneficios, permitiéndonos valorar que "es" y que "no es" de riesgo important. Un manejo desorganizado, transforma los angeles situación, que de por sí ya es crítica, en un caos con el perjuicio directo sobre el paciente.

ABC en emergencias es un educational de consulta rápida, cuando tenemos poco tiempo para consultar.

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14 Three-dimensional CT or MRI imaging can make visible complex structures that would be obscured by overlying tissues on plain radiography. This case series involves an infant who suffered blunt trauma to the head. (a) Initial analysis in the emergency department was performed with AP and lateral radiographs of the skull. Questionable cortical defects on the left side appear on the AP image; these represent a linear fracture of the parietal bone, and are seen more clearly as a radiolucency on the lateral image (arrow).

21a). 21b). The length of time this settling down process takes, as averaged over all the compass needles, is parameterized by their average relaxation time, T. For a compass, T is determined largely by the mass and shape of the needles, the nature of the frictional forces such as those occurring at the mechanical pivot points where the needle is supported, and the viscosity of any damping fluid that might surround it. For protons in water and lipid molecules in tissue, relaxation is a somewhat analogous affair, but far more nuanced, interesting, and clinically useful.

A) A screen-film X-ray unit, with the X-ray tube (inside the horizontal, white cylindrical housing) pointing its beam downward at the hand, which is resting on a film-cassette image receptor. Apart from the X-ray window, the tube is surrounded with lead for radiation protection. The corrugated white tubing carries the high-voltage cables from the generator, which is outside the room, and hoses for circulating coolant oil around the tube. The two knobs on the front of the collimator assembly allow adjustment of the beam size, to minimize the volume of tissue that has to be directly irradiated; this also cuts down on the amount of scatter radiation produced, which would otherwise both degrade image quality and contribute additional non-productive dose to the hand.

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