Abstract Painting. 50 Years of Accomplishment From Kandinsky by Michel Seuphor

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By Michel Seuphor

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But long before Degas and Monet, there was forerunner whose pre-abstract impressions 50 — that other of Venice, for Emilio Pettoruti • 26 example — are well known. I am Harmony-Movement referring to J. AA. W. • 1914 Turner. When the First World War broke out, AAondrian was visiting Holland; Klee, Pevsner, Marc, and Macke had just produced their first abstract works Arp was die at the front); Switzerland — drawing and composing later the to call exhibiting art, thus painting a and my Birth"); was later in Brancusi to Weggis, Baghavad was publishing Independents; Marcel Gita his sculpting famous Duchamp was rack for drying wine bottles as a work of anticipating his — abstract collages (which he was Prodigal Child; Cravan Pamphlets on the two last-named were Paris illustrations for the his first "Before (the in first Dadaism; in Italy, Magnelli, was large canvases with geometric forms; 51 was Balla was painting Mercury Passes before the Sun; London witnessing the birth of the Vorticist group, which a good deal to the Futurists and which its first To was to give owed England Edward Wadsworth.

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