Adjectives by Josh Gregory,Kathleen Petelinsek

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By Josh Gregory,Kathleen Petelinsek

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For example, Christopherson (1939: 50-51) identified ten different labels for the3. In teaching, no more than one is needed, though there may be cases where learners are familiar with more than one. 3 These were: definite, determinative, defining, descriptive, individualizing, specializing, concretising, familiarizing, particularizing, substantivizing. 34 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Quality: scientific terms possess certain characteristics (which I will deal with in Section 4), whereas pedagogic terms need to have no such stringent membership criteria.

Article). In some cases such a word may appear with its terminological meaning alongside its regular meaning in the same text. The next case study looks at this. CASE STUDY 2. The different uses of common Consider these examples of ‘common’ from SWAN in the METALANG corpus: (2) these are most common in a formal style. ]. The second example has the terminological meaning of common (referring to a type of noun that is defined in opposition to proper nouns), which is very different to the basic meaning as shown in the first example above.

6. Quality: scientific terms possess certain characteristics (which I will deal with in Section 4), whereas pedagogic terms need to have no such stringent membership criteria. Form: scientific terms are often minimally different from one another, and are therefore easily confused when introduced into the pedagogic arena, for example subjunct and subjunctive, conjunct and conjunction. Community: as I pointed out in Chapter One, the nature of the community of users is different; learners of languages are not generally seeking admittance to the ranks of teachers or grammarians.

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