Aircraft: An All Color Story of Modern Flight by David Mondey

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  • March 23, 2017
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By David Mondey

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Not surprisingly, it needed a long take-off run, and the illustration shows a Lufttvaffe F-I()4G involved in a zero-length launch test, being hurtled into the air by a large booster rocket. ^ It was fortunate that Ling-Temco-Vought's F-8 Crusader (43 top) did not need a similar take-off run to Lockheed's Starfinhter, being an air-superiority fighter designed for operation from the US Na\y's aircraft carriers. \a\y's V'F-32 Squadron in March 1957, but the F-8Ks illustrated, aboard the carrier USS lndef)endence, did not enter service until September 1961.

The illustration shows two J 35 Drakens (65 abo\e) silhouetted against the setting sun. Sidewinder missiles beneath their slim fuselages. The Saab AJ right) shows 37 Viggen (66 abo\e clearly the unusual configu- ration of this all-weather attack aircraft. Canard foreplanes fitted with trailingedge Haps and rear-mounted delta wing pro\ ide excellent and landing) STOL (short take-ofl characteristics. Multi-purpose aircraft are valuable country like Sweden, and SaabScania have developed an all-metal twinjet machine known as the Saab 105 (67 to a right) to Its fill this role.

Likely to be deployed Successor to the Northrop F-5, of which more than 1,150 are being supplied to American allies under the Military Assistance Program, the Tiger II will rely upon manoeu\ rability rather than speed, and has special aerodynamic features to provide such characteristics. Initial deliveries of 10 training aircraft will go to the USAF before deliveries to foreign governments begin. ^"^'^J^ After the Second World War seaplanes and flying-boats soon began to disappear from the aviation scene.

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