Aluminium And Its Alloys by Grard C.

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By Grard C.

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Discussion of results. D. F I N A L SUMMARY. E. CONTEMPORARY LITERATURE ON THE S U B J E C T . A. T E N S I L E PROPERTIES Thin Series Dimensions of test pieces. TYPE IA. (Length 100 m m . Between shoulders j Breadth 20 mm. (Thickness 0-5 m m . Area of cross section 10 sq. * Gauge length (for measuring elongation)= \/66-61$ = 3 0 mm. TYPE I B . [Length 100 m m . Between shoulders < Breadth 20 m m . [Thickness 1 mm. Area of cross section 20 sq. mm. Gauge l e n g t h = V 6 6 : 6 7 i = 3 6 m m . TYPE I C .

The experiments on the effect of annealing a t different temperatures after cold work were carried out at the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers. Reports of the latter, experiments are given in the appendices. I . Variation of the Tensile Properties (Tensile Strength, Elastic Limit, and Elongation) with the amount of cold work. OF COLD WORK. e. " The properties of the metal, thus treated, are changed, a n d the amount of this change is a measure of the cause—the so-called cold work. A metal which has been completely annealed has, "by definition, zero cold-work.

Variation in Mechanical Properties on Annealing different T e m p e r a t u r e s after 50 % Cold W o r k . T E S T S O K T B A N S Y E R S E T h e Tensile Strength a n d T E S T at P I E C E S . Elastic Limit are little affected the direction in which the test pieces are cut, but, o n the hand, 15 to the 20 Elongation %. undergoes variations of the b y other order of 29 MECHANICAL P R O P E R T I E S I I . Variation of Tensile Properties with increasing Annealing; Temperature following varying amounts of Gold Work.

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