Ancient Americas: A Brief History and Guide to Research by Hanns J. Prem

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By Hanns J. Prem

Outlines the tremendously lengthy and complicated cultural historical past of Mesoamerica, in addition to the Andean continuum. It combines an outline of pre-Columbian old occasions and occasions with a attention of significant study difficulties and efforts and areas the final flowering of indigenous complicated civizations inside of their respective geographic and sociocultural frameworks.

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Whether there existed four supraregional powers on the highest level, as has been asserted again recently, opposing each other and with spheres of influence that were subject to dramatic changes, has not yet been conclusively determined. Independent of site size and sphere of influence there were several areas where there was supraregional exchange on many nonpolitical levels: priest/ astronomer discussions, marriage contracts among leading noble families sometimes spanning huge distances, and a widely spread trade network.

Only a small portion of the land was cultivated in rotation; maize, beans, and squash were planted simultaneously. Most likely the array of useful plants was considerably larger and encompassed also root crops. As the population numbers rose, this system was more and more supplemented by house gardens, which were intensively utilized, and by several improvements of the fields, such as terracing on slopes, raised fields in swampy areas, and guards against erosion, which allowed a constant use of fields.

D. 750 there was a sudden collapse; many buildings in the center were burned down and presumably devastated on purpose. There were still people at Teotihuacán for a hundred years or more, but they were unable to maintain the former quality of craftsmanship or revive the destroyed core of the city. FACTORS OF GROWTH Reasons for the founding and florescence of Teotihuacán cannot be separated from those of its decline and fall. Teotihuacán shared its location near an advantageous traffic lane between the Valley of Mexico and the central Gulf Coast with many other sites.

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