Discounting and Intergenerational Equity (Resources for the by Professor Paul Portney, Professor John P. Weyant

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  • March 23, 2017
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By Professor Paul Portney, Professor John P. Weyant

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When there is no work (the appropriate vibration) to maintain the molecules in place in the crystalline lattice, they slip out, as in liquids, or they are dispersed, as in gases. The phonon is a good 1 2 See p. 107 (Electromagnetic Spectrum). From Greek “phonon” (), sound, voice, vibration. 56 NATHAN BERNIER analogy for man's Magnetic Center 1, which keeps higher energies together, “holding” the substance of the higher bodies. The entire universe needs to keep working continuously, and this is the great secret of life: interdependence and exchange.

1 The true Way always begins with self-knowledge, which demands years of self-observation, self-study, exercises, and experiences — it is never instantaneous. When we speak about human types in the Fourth Way, we are referring to the seven categories of men, mainly to the three basic types, men number 1, 2, and 3: physical, emotional, and intellectual. However, not even in this simple classification do we know how to classify ourselves. We have many I’s and we change every moment. Our education entirely ignores each person’s essence, and many times we believe we belong to a certain category, when this just happens because our personality was trained further in that direction.

Another way to understand entropy is as a tendency to lose heat, and cool. Heat tends to be dispersed to the areas that are not hot, leveling the temperature, as well as the molecules of the gases, which spread out and are dispersed without a definite pattern. 2 Living Beings Although almost all processes in nature operate in the “natural direction,” in which entropy only increases or remains constant, there is one exception: living beings. Living beings also work according to principles contrary to the second law of thermodynamics, and in them, there can be an increase of organization, at the expense of another system, the feeder (local loss of entropy).

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